What’s the Event?

  • FORMAL EVENTS (Weddings, Anniversaries, etc.)

  • For formal events, we usually let the music “do the motivating”, and lean towards a classy but fun atmosphere. Productive discussions with you (the client), careful planning, and intelligent playing of requests from guests allow us to create the proper mix of music (basically, playing the right music at the right time). This can make all the difference when creating that special atmosphere for your event.


    Some clients may allow us to teach and play some line dances at their event if they think their guests and relatives will respond well to this type of “coaxing”. Other than line dances, however, we normally do not use “props” or other items to engage the crowd at a formal event (except under some very specific conditions – see question on “props” on the FAQ page).

  • INFORMAL EVENTS (Birthdays, Graduations, etc.)

  • For casual events, we let the music “do the motivating”, play requests intelligently, and may teach and play some line dances (if allowed). We try to connect with the audience as best as possible so we can be in tune with their musical moods and make the event a success.


    In addition, we can include the use of “props” if you request or allow them, such as hula hoops and the limbo stick (see question on “props” on the FAQ page for more information). As an option, we can also bring several lighting effects (see question on lighting on the FAQ page for more information). Being an MC as well as a DJ, we can host audience-involvement games such as trivia contests, name that tune, “field day” races, raffling off prizes, and any other special activity that you may need help with at an event.

Why work with Music by Design Professional DJ Service?

Truly Personalized Service

Since DJ Steve does all the events himself, he works with you directly (no ``middle men`` that could possibly mess up communications) to create the musical atmosphere you want for your affair. He explains it this way: ``I make sure I clearly understand the general atmosphere you want for your event (for example, elegant and sophisticated, high energy, laid back, etc.). I find out which musical styles, artists, and specific songs you prefer and offer suggestions that may enhance or compliment the mood you want to create. I also find out how much DJ-audience interaction you prefer and what line dances you want the DJ to play (if any). For formal events, I may meet several times with you to ensure everything is in order.``


We always go over the itinerary and logistics of the event. This may include what entrance the DJ uses to load equipment, where the dance floor is located, if there is a cocktail hour, if there is a need to play music in two different rooms, when and whom the DJ needs to introduce for the bridal party, if there is a cake-cutting ceremony, etc. This way, you can enjoy your celebration to the fullest knowing your DJ is implementing your plans properly and knows what to do.


In coordination with you, the caterers, photographers, and wait staff, we can act as the focal point to get things done in an orderly manner at your event. For example, we can make all necessary announcements, such as asking people to take their places at their seats, starting the buffet line, getting the relatives together for a group shot, introducing the bridal party, leading the parent’s dances, drawing raffle tickets, etc.


We monitor the music periodically throughout the event by walking around the room and talking to guests to make sure the level and types of music are appropriate and evenly distributed. This point is especially important during cocktail and dinner times, when most people are interested in talking, not dancing.


During the event, we watch how the crowd is reacting to the music and make appropriate changes to styles, tempo, and genre when needed. Our job is to make sure you and your guests are enjoying the music and dancing (if they so wish).


We are fully insured if someone should get hurt related to the DJ's equipment (liability) or if damage/theft should occur to the DJ's equipment. This is one less thing you (and the banquet hall) needs to worry about. Also, more and more venues are requiring DJ’s/bands to carry such insurance before they are allowed to play.


We use professional brands and models (such as QSC, Mackie, Numark, Bose, EV, Shure, Carvin, etc.). For an event, we analyze the playing area and set up enough equipment to ensure that we can provide an adequate coverage and level without overwhelming the venue or looking crass. Most importantly, we carry backup equipment if anything should unexpectedly fail. If there is something at your event that may require additional or special equipment (for example, music in two rooms), you should discuss that with us in advance so we can come prepared to cover this need.

Intelligent Use of Requests at an Event

We take and play requests from guests (if allowed by you) in an intelligent and graceful manner which can enhance the audience/DJ experience. We have a music list on our DJ table for the guests to browse through and make requests. Moreover, we make it a point to actually play these requests, unless it conflicts with your wishes or it is inappropriate (see also question on FAQ page on playing song requests).


We bring over 44,000 songs (and growing) on our computerized system that encompass a wide variety of genres; from today's Pop, R&B, and Country songs back to the Big Band classics of the 40's (and everything in-between). With our extensive musical knowledge and large selection of songs, we can make your celebration or theme-based party (say Halloween, Hawaiian, Holiday, 80's, Disco, Swing, etc.) that much more of a success. If we don't have a song you need or want, we will try our best to acquire it.