What is Music By Design Professional DJ Service?

We are a mobile Disc Jockey (DJ) service that has hosted nearly 1000 custom-designed weddings, dances, parties, and corporate events professionally in Connecticut and parts of New York since 1986. It is run by “DJ Steve” Schneider, owner and DJ, and is based in Oxford, CT. We provide thoughtful and fun entertainment that creates wonderful memories of your celebration.


We custom design each event based on your needs and your wishes, while adding our input and expertise when needed. We can “beat mix” Top 40 music or segue (mix) Big Band classics. We can wear black tie or a Hawaiian shirt. We can make announcements, teach line dances, or just play music. We can play outdoors in front of thousands of people or indoors at a cozy cocktail party. Plain and simple, we can create whatever musical atmosphere you would like for your event.

About “DJ Steve” Schneider (DJ, Owner)

“I always loved music growing up and being the youngest of four, I was exposed to many artists from listening to my older siblings’ records (groups like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Monkees, Simon & Garfunkel, etc.). I started collecting my own 45’s and albums in the early ‘70s and, like most kids then, I listened to Top 40 and Hard Rock (now known as “Classic Rock”).


While attending Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT, I broadened my musical knowledge by joining the college radio station (WSCB, now WSIN). Besides receiving formal training on being a radio DJ and learning how to mix records, I was educated in various musical genres such as Jazz, Soul, R&B, Country, and Oldies.


After graduating college with a business degree, I briefly dabbled in a garage rock band, playing rhythm guitar and singing. This experience allowed me to gain confidence being in front of an audience, something you never deal with being a radio DJ. By this time, my album collection had surpassed 400, and I was being asked to create “party mix” tapes for functions I was invited to. I also was going to nightclubs and was noticing how the club DJs (that were now gaining in popularity over bands) were mixing their music. I started to make mental notes on what worked and what didn’t work.”

Why did you (DJ Steve) get into the mobile Disc Jockey business?

“The “critical mass” to start my business was reached when I saw the growing phenomena of “mobile” DJs at several private functions in the mid ’80s. I finally bought two professional Technics SL1200 turntables and began doing events for family and friends in 1986. Eventually, praise of my performances got around via word-of-mouth, and I turned this passion into a real profession.


From the very start, though, I wanted to be a professional DJ – one that actually listens to and respects their clients and audience. It’s all about the event, not me. I do not indulge in playing music just for myself or being the center of attention. I simply like to make people happy through music.